Signal Line Surge Protection

Protect your data lines from power surges

Signal surge protection devices protect data and signal lines from damage caused by power surges. Surges and spikes on data lines can quickly corrupt data and destroy communications boards. Data surge protection is imperative to protect electronic equipment that houses important records and critical information. Surge protectors will safely shunt away unwanted energy, adding the protection needed for secure data and equipment.

The RayDat Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are available in Narrow Line or 1TE DIN Rail form factors. RayDat products  provide protection from electrical overvoltage events that occur on Analog or Digital signal lines.

NEW RayDat Narrow Line Basic Features

  • All SPDs can be monitored remotely for alarm/defect messages
  • Products may be manually disconnected, and their signals monitored/measured in the field or the control room
  • Each quick-connect terminal has its own measurement point
  • The grounding clip enables surge dissipation to the ground and provides a secure connection to the DinRail
  • No tools required for assembly
  • If the fine SPD protection elements (Diodes) become defective, protection remains in place via basic Gas Discharge Tube protection
  • Low damping enables usage for longer distances