ProTec T1SF

Raycap’s new ProTec T1SF Series is based on Raycap’s patented Phase Gas Discharge Tube (PGDT) technology, and a new integrated overcurrent technology. The products ensure safe thermal and fault-current disconnection on networks with prospective short circuit currents as low as 300A and as high as 75,000A. On networks with prospective currents, SPDs with integrated fuses provide enhanced safety and fault-current protection due to the coordinated tripping characteristics of the thermal disconnect and integrated fuse.


  • Patented PGDT surge protection technology
  • Integrated backup fuse
  • Leakage-current free product for installation in the pre-metering area
  • Shorter connecting cables – low voltage protection level
  • Reduced installation space requirements, costs, wiring time and complexity
  • Sensitive and reliable state-of-the-art disconnector
  • Visual and remote signalization of the device status
  • Short circuit current rating up to 100 kA*

*VDE Certified up to 75kA, 100kA additionally tested by VDE.