Enclosures, Structured Cabling Systems, and Lightning Protection for Macro Antenna Sites.

FTTA/PTTA solutions from Raycap provide cable connectivity and electrical protection for remote radio head (RRH) equipment placed on cellular towers, rooftops, and other structures. This equipment is part of a distributed base station (DBS) architecture and is vulnerable to damage from lightning.

Lightning strikes create immediate damage at the strike point and bring surge-related damage to equipment in the vicinity of the strike. Surges can be coupled onto power and communication lines that connect the equipment at the top and bottom of the cell site. By deploying Raycap’s unique Strikesorb® surge protection technology, DC power at the cell site can be effectively protected against lightning surge damage.

Custom fiber-optic and power cable enclosures, surge protective devices, jumper cables, cable management, and connectivity solutions are all part of Raycap’s FTTA/PTTA product portfolio.