InvisiWave for 5G mmWave

Raycap performed extensive research and testing in the frequency ranges of 6 GHz, 24GHz, 28GHz, 39GHz and up to 100GHz bands to produce its InvisiWave® material that is suitable for the concealment of 5G mmWave radios at small cell sites. Higher frequency applications are much more sensitive to concealment materials being placed in the antenna path and need an engineered solution.

After nearly a year of problem-solving and testing, and with input and approval from industry stakeholders, the Raycap team developed a material that meets the concealment needs of next-generation small and mid-cell networks and retrofitted sites.

To validate performance and determine the best possible materials for different concealment applications, all candidate materials were subjected to an array of tests, ultimately leading our engineers to a material that is proven to provide the performance needed while still maintaining the qualities needed in a good concealment material. InvisiWave technology is available for use in pole toppers, surrounds, and radomes as well as in panel products like screen walls, chimneys, cupolas, and 5G mmWave interior concealments.

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  • Covers and hides c-band and mmWave equipment attached to poles or other panelized structures without interfering with performance
  • Backward compatible so sites can anticipate mmWave equipment installations
  • Fabricated from RF-friendly, 3mm material
  • Easy to install
  • Tested from 700MHz to 100GHz
  • Features minimum dB loss
  • Thoroughly tested to identify the beam-forming impact
  • Hydrophobic surface
  • Compatible with back lobe mitigation techniques with the use of upgrade kits
  • Custom sizes are available based on a case-by-case basis
  • Materials are approved for smooth textures only
  • Field painting is not recommended but film textures are available

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