Pole Toppers

Designed to attach to wood or metal poles, Raycap’s STEALTH® pole toppers can accommodate and conceal 5G radios and 4G canister antennas with options available for CBRS and LAA radios. Adaptable to various pole diameters, our pole toppers attach to the most common-sized poles to conceal equipment and satisfy municipality or county aesthetics.

  • Complete solution for 5G radios and 4G antennas
  • Toppers available for wood and metal poles
  • Various degrees of concealment available
  • Radomes are all one-piece with a 14″ – 36″ diameter range and can be up to 10’ tall
  • Concealment materials include powder-coated perforated steel and proprietary InvisiWave® technology
  • A thin profile version is available when partial concealment is desired
  • Active cooling available
  • Various colors to blend in with the surrounding environment (field painting of InvisiWave material is not recommended, but film textures are available)
  • Finish to customer color specification (smooth finish only for InvisiWave material)
  • Optional leveling add-on for poles not plumb

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