Concealment Technologies

InvisiWave® for 5G mmWave & C-Band

Higher frequency applications are much more sensitive to concealment materials placed in the antenna path and need an engineered solution. InvisiWave is a proprietary technology fabricated from RF-friendly 3mm material that covers and hides 5G mmWave radios attached to poles, other structures, or rooftops.

Key Benefits

The technology has been tested from 700 MHz up to 100 GHz to safely conceal mmWave radios with minimum impact on attenuation and radiation patterns. It is easy to install and handle and has excellent flammability characteristics. The material is compatible with back lobe mitigation techniques with upgrade kits. Its hydrophobic surface minimizes the impact of water after rainfall and it is UV resistant. InvisiWave is available in various sizes and form factors and is used to manufacture radomes and other pole-mounted solutions, rooftop pods, chimneys, screen wall panels, and more.

Read more about InvisiWave Technology in this product white paper.

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