RHP-SCD Voltage Limiting Device

RHP-SCD limits impermissible touch voltage developed in railway lines to very low safe levels by efficiently short-circuiting the negative rail and the earth. The programmable automatic opening of the RHP-SCD limits the effects of stray currents.

In fault cases such as accidental short-circuits with the contact lines, the RHP-SCD generates a durable conductive path between the overloaded area and the substation and is able to carry the traction fault current until the fault is cleared by the traction high-speed circuit breaker.

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  • Fast response time
  • Efficient elimination of dangerous overvoltage to very low safe voltage values
  • Guaranteed reversibility for long-term currents and high-short circuit currents
  • Low residual voltage ensured by Strikesorb® surge protection technology
  • Combined protection for personnel, passengers, and equipment
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Redundant triggering via electronic cards and PLC
  • Control and monitoring functions
  • Alarm and status remote signaling