Bus Ducts & Wireway Troughs

Our low-voltage power distribution bus ducts, or busways, are precision-engineered from sheet metal, incorporating either copper or aluminum bus bars alongside insulating materials to facilitate the efficient conduction of significant electrical currents throughout buildings. Additionally, our wireway troughs are meticulously crafted to meet UL specifications, utilizing 16-14 gauge Galvanized Powder-coated Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel (SS304/SS316).

Key Features Include:
  • A continuously welded body for enhanced durability
  • Rainproof covers equipped with leakproof gaskets to ensure protection against the elements
  • Heavy-duty butt hinges for robust support
  • Quick-release clamps for ease of access and maintenance
  • Telescope fittings and 90-degree sweep elbows and tees,
  • providing flexibility in length adjustment and facilitating large radius turns for seamless installation.

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