TVL Voltage Limiting Device

In the case of overvoltage events in railway networks, the TVL products limit the dangerous voltage to very low safe values. In fault cases such as accidental short circuits with contact lines, the TVL generates a durable conductive path between the overloaded area and the substation. This results in increased current loads being sensed at the substation, allowing efficient tripping of the safety circuit breaker. The TVL is adapted for installation in urban railway infrastructure structures.

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  • Fast response time
  • Efficient elimination of dangerous overvoltage to very low safe voltage values
  • Low residual voltage ensured by Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) module
  • Temperature-independent triggering voltage
  • Guaranteed recoverability for long-term currents and high short-circuit currents
  • Combined protection for personnel, passengers, and equipment
  • Bidirectional operation for protection against overvoltages in both polarities