5G Small Cell Site Solutions

Raycap’s 5G Small Cell Site Solutions conceal and protect radios, antennas, and other equipment that’s needed to support 5G and next-generation networks.

Our small cell products include;

  • Partially concealed, Fully concealed, and Integrated Small-cell Light Poles
  • Radomes and Pole Toppers
  • AC disconnects and Surge protection solutions
  • Side-mounted Cages, Shrouds, and Brackets
  • Rooftop Screens
  • Other innovative products such as our InvisiWave® solution*
*Designed to support 5G deployment while effectively concealing 5G signals – including traditional sub-6GHz bands and/or C-band and/or mmWave – with minimal signal degradation.

Through our small cell poles and complementary solutions, we help network operators, municipalities, utilities, and other stakeholders conceal and protect their small cell network infrastructure.

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