Specialized Small Cell Concealments

Raycap is a technology innovator in the area of concealment designs, form factors, and specialized materials for the concealment of wireless network equipment. The company engineers its unique STEALTH® small cell products to meet the needs of carriers, integrators, utilities, and municipalities alike.

Contact us to learn how we can help with the concealment of next generation networks in any municipality.

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Raycap 4G and 5G cabinet solutions feature an aesthetic, ergonomic, and modular design that fits the environment. Raycap’s design is rigid enough to support a variety of equipment but is lightweight and allows heat dissipation.

  • Designed for easy access to equipment
  • Supports several high power radios
  • Active cooling included for proper ventilation
  • Mounting brackets included supporting easy installation
  • Optional Raycap disconnect can be included
  • Many color finishes available