Surge Protection

Raycap is a technology leader in the development of advanced industrial surge protection components and systems. Industrial surge protection is the use of advanced surge protection devices and technologies and systems to protect sensitive electronic equipment at industrial sites from being damaged by power surges.

How industrial surge protection helps business.

Surge protection helps keep businesses operating by preventing destructive power surges from reaching and harming the equipment that is vital to their business. Raycap develops industrial surge protection solutions that benefit our customers’ business – helping them reduce their operating and capital expenditures by protecting their sensitive electronic equipment from destruction caused by lightning surges or power overvoltages, and extending the lifetime of that equipment.

Businesses can safeguard the security of their data, equipment and other assets during a lightning storm or power outage by deploying Raycap surge protection solutions to protect their sensitive electronic equipment. Our comprehensive surge protection strategies optimize the performance of business systems, and minimize risk.

As leaders in the field of industrial surge protection engineering, Raycap has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. Leveraging decades of experience and a relentless commitment to research & development, Raycap offers a comprehensive suite of surge protection solutions tailored to the exacting requirements of industrial environments.

To address the complex demands of power surge mitigation, our engineers rely on a suite of advanced surge protection technologies. Whether deployed into facility-wide protection schemes or at the equipment level, Raycap’s technologies provide engineers with versatile and robust solutions for safeguarding critical assets against lightning-induced surges, surges from the power grid, or from equipment switching on and off inside a building or factory.