Strikesorb 40

Strikesorb® 40 industrial surge suppression is a versatile SPD, with a Class rating per IEC 61643-11. It offers unparalleled lightning protection, protecting mission-critical applications from damage caused by lightning surges and other electrical surge events. Even in the most lightning-prone environments, Strikesorb 40 is capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without degradation to the module.

Strikesorb is a technology that ensures the continuous protection of mission-critical equipment. It provides a very safe solution to any environment because it eliminates the use of materials that could burn, smoke, or explode. Strikesorb SPDs are tested and certified according to international safety and performance standards, IEC and UL.

Based on years of field performance, Strikesorb’s expected lifetime is more than 20 years, and all modules are supplied with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. Read our Strikesorb white paper and contact Raycap for more information.


  • Innovative design–direct connection, no fuses, environmentally sealed SPD
  • Fully recognized to UL 1449 5th Edition
  • Compliance to IEC 61643-11, Maximum Impulse Current (10/350 µs), 25 kA
  • Maximum Surge Current (8/20 µs) per NEMA LS-1, 140 kA
  • Available in a variety of operating voltages
  • 10-year Limited Lifetime Warranty