Strikesorb Series

Raycap exclusive Surge Protection Component Technology;
Strikesorb – a unique MOV technology

Raycap’s Strikesorb® technology is a protection solution that ensures vital equipment does not experience downtime due to lightning or other power surge events. Strikesorb’s unique design features a distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) that can handle much larger surges without affecting performance. The product is rated for safe operation without the use of internal fuses. This unique feature makes it the most reliable surge protection device known and ensures that critical electronic equipment will remain protected at all times.

The company has made significant R & D and operational investments to develop and validate Strikesorb to meet global safety standards. Strikesorb has been engineered and tested for use in AC and DC power applications, and the Strikesrob 30, 40, and 80 modules are compliant with IEC 61643-11 and the UL 1449 5th Edition Standards. Strikesorb 35 surge protective device is designed specifically for DC applications operating at voltage up to 1500 V and is compliant with the UL 1449 5th Edition, IEC 61643-31, and EN 61643-31 standards.

To learn more, read our Strikesorb whitepaper.

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