DC Surge Protection

DC surge protection protects equipment installed at sites where Direct Current power is the primary power source. DC is often relied upon to power remote industrial applications that rely on battery power. Raycap’s DC surge protection solutions protect DC-powered equipment found in telecommunications, energy, defense, utility, transportation, and other critical infrastructures.

Raycap’s cell tower lightning protection and connectivity systems were developed specifically to protect Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and Base Band Units (BBUs) – both parts of a distributed base station architecture at today’s cell sites. These unique DC surge protection solutions provide cell sites the ultimate protection from electrical overvoltage caused by lightning strikes.

Other Raycap DC surge protection solutions focus on photovoltaic and eMobility protection and have been developed specifically for use these mission-critical DC power applications.

All Raycap industrial DC surge protection is thoroughly tested to international standards and is suitable for use in DC power environments.