Narrow Line Bus Systems and Digital

Raycap’s Narrow Line (NL) signal protection solutions for bus and digital systems feature a narrow and compact design that is just 6.2mm wide. These products are designed to be used together to provide very high surge protection for increased equipment reliability and lifetime. Remote monitoring is possible through receiver and transmitter units that are available for all product variants. Single modules can be added or replaced without interrupting the operation of others in the stack.

Bus systems are responsible for controlling nearly every aspect of communication between connected equipment in today’s smart homes, offices, and factories. As connected equipment becomes more integral the protection of these systems from internally or externally generated overvoltages becomes even more necessary. Narrow Line products meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications with various signal types and operating voltages.

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  • Very high surge ratings
  • Equipped with quick connect terminals
  • Different shield handling options available
  • Connection lines remain enabled during module replacement