Pole Mounted Composite Shrouds

Raycap has developed several side-mounted solutions constructed of a composite material that can be used on new and existing light poles. Crafted from high-grade ASA plastic material and able to support single or multi-carrier applications, these shrouds are configured for optimum thermal management and ease of installation.

  • Larger internal space due to lack of inner flanges (increases internal space for more equipment installations)
  • Can support single or multi-carrier configurations
  • Every configuration is accessed for thermal management
  • Better air circulation due to improved design of intake louvers (outcomes: fans won’t run as hard which reduces noise levels)
  • Full in-house integration
  • Material tracking system monitors carrier’s supplied components from their warehouse to our manufacturing/assembly facility to the installation site
  • Metal locking system stronger connection between the base and cover UL Certified assembly
  • PIM Free Tested
  • Easy installation
  • Higher-grade ASA plastic material
  • Multiple color variations are available
  • Made in the USA


  • Power and fiber management modules
  • Supports various configurations