Modular Topper Series – RaycapSTAX™

The RaycapSTAX™️ modular stackable topper line is available to house different equipment configurations with diameters to fit 16″, 18″, or 22″ poles. Stacks of up to three RaycapSTAX modules per pole are possible, enabling operators to design their topper stacks depending on the active equipment needed at the location.

Toppers come in fully or partially concealed versions, and concealment material options are flexible, including traditional StealthSkin® or InvisiWave®, Raycap’s 5G mmWave-friendly concealment technology.

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  • Stackable pole toppers constructed from structural steel and aluminum following American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards
  • Designed for the top of Raycap steel poles or wooden poles in a 4G/5G cellular network
  • Accommodate multiple radio types and antennae
  • Available in StealthSkin® and InvisiWave®
  • Partially and fully concealed designs
  • Many color options are available.