RMx-E Series Combo Meterbase for Small Cell

The RMx-E2 Series are combined Meterbase, AC Disconnect, Load Center, and Surge Protection Devices that are Suitable for Use as Service Equipment (SUSE). They are designed to provide robust overvoltage surge protection for up to 12 AC power circuits for today’s small-cell radio systems.

Integrating several crucial functions into one enclosure to streamline 5G deployments, the RMx-E2 enhances reliability and improves the appearance of small cell sites. The product design reduces the number of boxes attached to 5G small cell poles by combining power connection, meter, AC disconnect, surge protection, and load center into one unit.

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  • Integrated ringless Meterbase and AC Disconnect functionality in one narrow 9.5″ wide enclosure
  • Suitable for Use as Service Equipment (SUSE) without condition per UL and NEC with 60A or 100A main breaker
  • Up to twelve circuits for individual power control and over current protection
  • Comes standard with either (12) or (2) DIN rail 13mm breakers providing
    (12 or 2) 120VAC circuits which can be bridged to provide (6 or 1) 240V feeds
  • 120/240VAC split-phase or 2 of 3 phases from 208Y/120VAC configuration
  • Strikesorb® 30-A-2CHV Surge Protective Device (SPD) 
  • Optional lockable front hatch access to the main breaker. Main power can be turned on and off without opening the main enclosure door. Lockout Tagout (LOTO) functionality.
  • Flexible mounting options for walls, poles or H-Frames
  • Top, bottom, side or rear cable entry allows for cleaner more flexible installations
  • Patent-pending design
  • Ideal cable-routing strategy for utility connection from underground services and then customer feeds to tower-mounted loads above
  • Offers unique maintenance free protection
  • NEMA 3R rated enclosure, allowing for installation in harsh environments or inside poles 
  • Lightweight integrated design allows easy, time-saving installation.
  • Meter-output connections to the main breaker are pre-terminated and factory tested to eliminate cost of extra parts and labor.