Pole Mounted Metallic Shrouds

Quality engineered equipment enclosures for wireless networks

Our equipment shrouds and pole mounted street furniture products are designed to safely enclose and conceal any 4G/5G or 5G radios/antennas and other active equipment, regardless of the radio or antenna manufacturer. Raycap ensures that its enclosures and shrouds are manufactured to protect, withstand the elements of the outside world, and blend in with the environment. We have a large variety of specialized enclosure solutions available. Contact us for more product information and a solution to fit your needs.

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  • Shrouds utilize passive or active vented designs
  • Door access design allows easy access
  • Construction: Aluminum shroud and stainless steel mast supports. Contact us for other shroud types or see our specialized enclosure product guide
  • Many color finishes and dimensions available
  • Powder-coated galvannealed steel
  • Supports various configurations

Cabinet Components

  • Internal equipment support brackets
  • Active ventilation system (If applicable)
  • Alarm sensors
  • Cable routing fixtures
  • Pole mounting kit

Additional Cabinet Components Available

  • AC disconnect
  • Fiber optic termination enclosure
  • AC/DC power solutions (All-in-One)