In cities and suburbs, existing buildings seek to exploit their airspace. And aesthetics matter, even 20 stories high. The Raycap team specializes in disguising rooftop antenna structures behind screen walls, side-mounted boxes, chimneys, and cupolas.

Our experts can assess any site to help make the most of any rooftop concealment opportunity with our STEALTH® product line.

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  • Replica Antenna
  • Built of RF-friendly InvisiWave™ 5G mmWave concealment material
  • Mount in place and can be added to existing 4G sites as placeholders to be used in a future 5G rollout
  • Used to conceal new 5G mmWave antenna/radios during buildouts
  • Available in a range of heights and diameters to meet a variety of antenna concealment applications.
  • Eye-catching architectural design elements
  • Simulated brick, block, stucco, and stone textures painted to match an existing building’s façade
  • Flexibility to incorporate additional carriers or retrofit with new technology at a later date
  • Easy access to an existing building’s roof can translate to accelerated installation schedules and less site prep, followed by low-cost post-installation serviceability

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