RaySite EMU for Efficient Cell Site Operations

Revolutionizing Telecom Site Management

RaySite combines robust hardware with advanced Linux technology to redefine remote Telecom Site management. With seamless integration and Environmental Monitoring at its core, RaySite ensures heightened operational efficiency by enhancing visibility.

Compact yet powerful, RaySite is a 1U rack-mount device designed for any installation. Equipped with built-in I/Os and expandable sensors, it offers flexible monitoring solutions. RaySite supports various protocols for data acquisition and configuration, including HTTP(s), SNMP, RestAPI, and Modbus, with Kafka protocol for seamless data delivery. Real-time monitoring is enabled via remote Ethernet access.

For uninterrupted communication, optional 4G/5G expansion communication modules ensure reliability even during internet connectivity disruptions.

Experience the future of Telecom Site management with RaySite, where innovation meets reliability.

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RaySite-Environmental Monitoring Unit
  • Linux operating system
  • HTTPS web server, allowing secure multi-user access
  • SSL/HTTPS/SFTP/Kafka protocol support
  • Remote access via ethernet port enables real-time monitoring
  • Two USB ports for configuration, upgrade, and storage
  • SD-card slot
  • REST API for monitor and configuration of the device and peripherals
  • Optional 4G/5G expansion modules provide redundancy in the event of an internet connection loss