PowerPlus Systems

PowerPlus is Raycap’s solution to address the additional voltage drop that high-power RRUs create.

PowerPlus is a system installed at the DC Plant output that increases the voltage at the base of a cellular site to overcome this voltage drop. This allows carriers to use their existing infrastructure; cables, distribution, OVP’s, etc. and saves carriers tremendous cost and downtime.

Systems can be customized; contact us for more information.

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  • Provides uninterrupted power to the RRH
  • Strikesorb® surge protection integrated into each PowerPlus module
  • Pluggable modules can be field replaced
  • Tailor-made concept configured to fit the customer-specific requirements
  • The high-efficiency design of a DC-to-DC converter with increased efficiency above standard converter designs
  • Risk-free solution with no power interruption to the RRH
  • No additional communication cables or modules are needed on the RRH side
  • Eliminates the need to install larger conductors on long runs of DC cables
  • Increased energy efficiency with high-power RRH/AAS installation
  • Prolongs battery life in case of utility power outages
  • Minimum site modifications with future-proof concept