Power Distribution Units for FTTA/PTTA

Power Distribution Units mount protection for up to 20 remote radios

The deployment of Remote Radio Head (RRH) architecture poses unique challenges to the mobile telecom industry. Raycap’s innovative power distribution units (PDUs) for RRH protection mitigate the risk of damage due to lightning and provide high levels of availability and reliability to radio equipment.

These PDU units offer unique maintenance-free protection against direct lightning currents. They protect up to 20 radios and employ the Strikesorb® Surge Protective Device (SPD) technology specifically designed for the RRH installation environment, and certified for use in DC applications and at low DC (48 V) operating voltages.

The Strikesorb used in this product line is suitable for installation in areas where direct lightning exposure is expected and offers unique protection levels to the RRH equipment as well as the baseband units (BBU). For more information on unit configurations, sizes, capabilities, and designs please contact us.

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  • Rack-mount units
  • Strikesorb® protective element
  • Protection Class I per IEC 61643-11:2011, certified by VDE
  • Type 2 component assembly for DC application per UL 1449 5th edition, certified by UL
  • Variety of options are available