Street Cabinets For Telecommunications And Other Industries

Street Cabinets For Telecommunications And Other Industries

Raycap is one of the world’s leaders in the development and manufacture of surge protection devices.  These devices are designed to have a single purpose, to cut the flow of overvoltage to equipment beyond the point of their install.  The devices are designed to be the premier products available in the surge protection market, not only surpassing the levels of protection offered by competitors but also going above and beyond to offer unique characteristics that provide value to users.  Raycap designs its products to not only protect investments, but also to provide protection of function, keeping systems online or restoring them to functionality in less time than competing devices.  This commitment to not only a higher standard of performance, but to the highest standard available, is what has driven Raycap technological research since its inception.  That same commitment to protection is seen in other devices that may not have the technological level that the surge protection devices do, but that are equally important.  This same degree of commitment to producing the best possible enclosures for street level equipment is seen in the Raycap line of “outdoor active cabinets.”

Outdoor active cabinets or “street cabinets” are technologically advanced enclosures designed to protect equipment that is positioned in exposed settings within the telecommunications industry, as well as other industries.  In order to maintain functionality and connectivity for its customers, telecom operators must position sensitive equipment at street level, exposing it to a variety of threats ranging from weather to simple rodent infestation and vandalism.  The sensitive components at these locations must be shielded from moisture, electrical surges, inclement weather, theft and destruction from any number of sources.  The cabinets must be strong while made from a material that does not conduct electricity, and must they also be able to provide appropriate internal climate control and ventilation.  Raycap street cabinets are made from advanced aluminum compounds and fitted with air transfer ventilation systems that are the finest available.  The potential weak points where wires enter and exit the structure are reinforced and sealed using specialized grommets and components that will prohibit the entry of rodents and the potential seepage of moisture as a result.  Simply put, the equipment at street level must be protected with as much attention to detail as is put into the design and manufacture of the finest surge protection device we produce, intended for the towertop.

Many industries utilize the positioning of equipment in the field, and as such most can benefit from the modular and customizable configurations of Raycap’s street cabinet line.  We manufacture structural enclosures that not only provide the highest level of protection while minimizing the risks associated with specific materials, but also which utilize and integrate the technological advancements that we have learned from creating  our other products.  While other companies may manufacture a metal box, Raycap creates an advanced enclosure that is born from technology and commitment to protection.  Contact us for more information.

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