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Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

Raycap is a leading designer and manufacturer of surge protection devices.  The devices that are produced are designed for industrial applications, but can easily be implemented into home systems as well, protecting against the damaging electrical surges produced by lightning strikes, switching errors, transformer malfunctions or a bevy of other sources.  The Strikesorb technology produced by Raycap often exceed the standards that are placed on typical surge protection components, integrating more robust housings, more advanced components and an “always on” design that needs no replacing or resetting after it has performed its duty.  This provides a constant protection to equipment and systems, even after a surge instance that would require conventional surge protection technology to sacrifice itself in order to protect, yet leaving the formerly protected equipment vulnerable to future surges.  Blocking additional surges after the initial incident are critical in effective protection of equipment, and only Raycap devices are most capable at it.

The most potentially damaging electrical surge is produced after a lightning strike, when an extremely high volume of electricity is produced and flows along power lines from a strike point to anything connected to the flow chain.  Even if the strike itself is not directly to a component in the chain, electricity can be coupled into the lines from nearby structures or even through the ground, entering lines and conductive materials and overloading any sensitive equipment in its path.  The circuitry of most computerized equipment is not able to withstand this level of electrical overload, and is immediately damaged, sometimes also leading to explosions and fires that also damage other nearby components.  The only effective method of reducing the damage sustained by lightning strike related surges is to isolate the flow of electricity that is produced and prevent it from contacting the equipment connected.  Only through the effective integration of surge protection devices at critical points in the path can damage be prevented.  This means redundant installation of SPDs at service entrances, junction boxes, along electrical and data transfer lines as well as at all other potential entry points to a structure.  Prevention is the key to preservation.

The prevention of damage as a result of electrical overflow is not only positive as far as loss prevention, but is also crucial to keeping systems online and operational with regards to connectivity and communication.  Without connectivity in the modern age, people have an extremely difficult time performing even the most basic of tasks, let alone the necessary communication in emergency situations.  Downtime of connectivity within the communications industries could lead to far worse problems than simple irritation, and as such communications companies take surge protection quite seriously.  The demands of customers are far beyond simple surfing the internet and chatting on a cell phone, and a disruption of communications systems during inclement weather or other situations can now literally be the difference between life and death.

Raycap takes surge protection seriously, and we understand that it is not only about saving money on repairs but also about potentially saving lives.  For this reason we provide the best products that we can manufacture, and are constantly striving to improve our technology.