Surge Protection


surge protectionAn Industrial-grade electrical surge protective device (SPDs) from Raycap is your best defense against lightning-produced surges and are appropriate for every low voltage industrial power application including wind, solar, telecommunications, and transportation.

Adding effective lightning or transient voltage surge protection to your operation can easily be accomplished with any of Raycap’s SPDs. With its Strikesorb, Rayvoss, ACData and DinRail surge protector product lines and technologies, Raycap provides low voltage AC and DC or Signal Protection solutions that meet any customers’ operational or ROI demands. Raycap eliminates voltage surges that cause damage to equipment that serves critical functions.

About surge protectors.

SPDs from Raycap represent the industry standard of efficiency, robust housings and components, and technological advancement. When positioned between a power source and component, the highest levels of protection available are employed. Electrical surges are the cause of an enormous amount of loss to businesses every year as a result of equipment damage and service interruption, and Raycap’s “always on” capabilities present your business with the best option with regard to protecting investment.