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Business Protection From Lightning

Lightning is one of the most costly phenomenons for many businesses. This may come as a shock to some, who would probably assume that the greatest losses generally come from theft or vandalism, and while these things do contribute to the losses of many companies, they generally do not compare to the destructive force of lightning. Another shock may be that the losses usually seen are not as a result of the lightning strike itself, instead they are found in the form of surge related damage that comes after the strike itself. The lightning strike point will see damage in the form of explosions and fires, but the subsequent power surge can flow down data lines and power lines to have an impact on equipment far away from the strike point. This damage can be extensive, and luckily is avoidable if the business plans for it. The installation of surge protective devices is a plan that not everyone knows is needed, but it can save millions of dollars of equipment.

Because excess electricity is the enemy of internal circuitry of computer driven equipment, the excess electricity that is produced through lightning strikes is the source of extreme damage. This electricity easily flows along the power lines that connect the equipment, and also along the data transfer lines that allow information to be exchanged between that equipment. The electricity can also flow through structures themselves, affecting equipment that is positioned inside of those structures. For this reason, the best defense against this type of damage is the redundant installation of surge protection devices at any junction possible and also along all lines that are capable of allowing electrical flow.  When excess electricity is detected, the SPD will be triggered and create a gap that the electricity cannot jump, essentially stopping the flow in its tracks. Because it cannot move beyond the point of the SPD, any equipment that is downstream from that point can be spared from the surge. There are different technologies that SPDs utilize in order to accomplish this goal, and there are specific devices which would be more suitable for one application over others. In order to most effectively protect your investments, the surge protection system should not only employ the latest technology available but also be made of the most robust materials. Many are unaware that some surge protection devices are destroyed or rendered inoperable by the lightning strike they protect against, ultimately allowing for a subsequent strike to take its toll. The most advanced devices from Raycap are its Strikesorb technology, which does not require replugging and resetting. This makes them functional even after they have been triggered. In order to fully protect your equipment, only Raycap goes to this level.

Is your facility adequately protected against lightning strikes and the power surges that accompany them? Have you had a difficult time managing costs as a result of these events? Contact Raycap today to inquire about the most advanced surge protection and lightning protection systems in the world.