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Lightning Surge Protection Devices And Systems

Many people are unaware that lightning is one of the biggest threats for property loss that many industrial businesses face. As a result of this threat, the need for continually improving surge protection devices and systems is needed. The competitive nature of business requires that operational costs be brought to an absolute minimum in order to survive and remain profitable, and losses that are brought about by natural events are difficult to manage. Industrial businesses will almost always have equipment in the field which is exposed to the elements and probably functions as an attractant for lightning strikes. This equipment is set up in a chain formation with components connected to cables and wires designed to allow for electrical flow or data transfer. A lightning strike to any of these components, the lines that connect them or even the structure itself which houses them can create a situation that results in extraordinary amounts of damage, and this damage is not isolated to the strike point itself. The strike point will nearly always see almost unavoidable damage, but the greatest costs actually occur when the damaging electrical surge is allowed to spread downstream and to happen in connected equipment that was nowhere near the strike point itself. This damage happens as a result of the surge of electricity that follows the lightning strike.

Surge protection devices are used as part of systems that function to protect equipment in the field from damage. The lightning strike itself is hard to avoid, and is protected against through the use of lighting rods, overhead shields and other diversion devices. The surge protection devices that are housed within the system function differently, and are instead tripped when the electrical flow exceeds a specific amount as a result of a strike or any other overvoltage. The surge protection device itself sits dormant along flow lines or at critical junction points, literally doing nothing unless the electrical flow goes too high. At that point their function is to cut the flow beyond themselves, either grounding or diverting the electricity. When installed at specific target points in a system, surge protection devices can prevent the flow of excess electricity to nearly any component in a chain. This is why it is suggested to not only install the devices at specific points, but also in a redundant fashion in case the device itself is destroyed or rendered non-functional. Through the effective use of surge protection devices, businesses can reduce their costs that are typically expected in the form of damage. This reduction of costs lets businesses remain competitive even in the toughest markets.

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