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Street Cabinets From Raycap

The telecommunications industry involves a significant amount of high tech equipment installed in exposed settings.  The protection of this equipment from both natural and un-natural (vandalism) phenomenon is paramount to the protection of investment, as the replacement and repair of damaged equipment can be quite costly.  For this reason, along with the manufacture of the surge protection devices that keep sensitive telecommunications equipment safe from electrical surges, Raycap also manufactures enclosures that protect equipment from a host of potential issues.  These outdoor active cabinets (also known as street cabinets) are constructed of aluminum and are designed to feature dual ventilation ports within the wall construction, be resistant to corrosion and heat conductivity.  Overheating is a common issue when large amounts of equipment is housed within a protective structure, and Raycap street cabinets offer the greatest protection aspects available while still allowing for adequate heat exchange.  The cabinets are also lightweight and modular and can be designed specific to customer requirements.

The appropriate cable management system for each customers need is installed within each cabinet, allowing for not only superior protection of these components but also for future expansion if necessary.  The cable guides and cables inside the cabinets are made according to UL specifications and are surface-resistant to ozone cracking and LSZH.  This attention to detail is carried through to the sealing methods, as all outdoor active cabinets are at high risk for penetration at these weak spots by rodents and also moisture.  It is common for rodents to attack cables at entry points looking to gain access to the protected areas for nests, and commonly using the actual sealants as nesting materials.  Once holes are chewed by rodents, the entire cabinet stands to lose  efficiency and protection from moisture breaches, which can quickly destroy telecommunications equipment.  Raycap uses a variety of grommets, cable glands and configurable splitting high density foam blocks to provide the toughest seals available.

All telecommunications companies face the risk of losses due to equipment failure or destruction in the field.  Only through the toughest exterior protection can they minimize the risks that are faced by this equipment every day.  Electrical surges are only one of a number of potentially devastating occurrences that can happen at any time, and as much attention needs to be placed on the shielding components as is placed on the surge protection devices.  Providing a superior product that will not only protect your equipment from wind, rain, sun and rodents but also from the damages that happen as a result of lightning strikes is our business, and through a combination of street cabinets and surge protection devices we can maintain a nearly unbreakable defense against the elements.

Raycap is a leading manufacturer of street cabinets for the telecommunications industry as well as other industries that share the same issues.  Contact our representatives today to inquire about the best protection that you can give to your business, and the best ways to extend the life of the equipment you use.