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Industrial Surge Protection And Modern Businesses

Most industrialized businesses in the modern age will have a large amount of what can be considered “high tech” equipment involved at critical points in their processes.  While the actual implementation of these devices will vary from industry to industry, the fact that they are integrated into the process of management in order to improve the output of the business makes them invaluable.  Simply put, computerized equipment can often perform the tasks they are designed to handle better than human beings, as well as performing that task for longer periods of time.  While there are few that would disagree on the advantages of computerization within the modern industrial business world, the disadvantages present themselves as well.  Probably the most obvious disadvantage of computer control equipment within modern industrial businesses is the propensity for damage and associated costs.

Computers and data processors are sensitive, and rely upon circuitry that is best when protected and shielded from nature.  Look at any large scale computer setup and it will probably reside in completely climate controlled environments, temperatures being regulated and air exchanges containing filters that keep out dust and debris.  These precautions are in place to protect the investment of the company that is using them, as even the slightest modification of that environment can cause complete failure.  In addition to the obvious precautions, most businesses will also employ some version of surge protection to guard against the dangers of electrical surges.  Power surges can come from many sources ranging from “switching errors” where a slight surge in electrical level is produced at the moment equipment is switched on or off to “electrical transients” which are spikes in power flow from the source.  Protection of the circuitry of computers is crucial as they can only withstand a limited level of flow before they fail, the worst case scenario being that the actual circuit boards are damaged and must be repaired.  Typical surge protection involves circuit breakers and protective devices that cut the flow of electricity installed at junction boxes and even within the power lines.

Once the levels of protection necessary for industrial businesses are reached, products are typically outside of the scope of “residential surge protection.”  These installations will typically involve some form of exposure of the components to the elements, and as such can be magnets for lightning strikes.  Lightning will produce a level of surge far beyond the capacities that will be seen in most residential settings, and which will not only damage circuitry but also cause overheating, explosions, fires and possibly deaths.  The exposed nature of the equipment utilized in these industrial processes puts it in harm’s way every moment of every day, while still being crucial to the process.  For this reason, modern businesses that take the protection of their investments seriously will utilize a level of surge protection that is far more robust than that seen in residential applications.  Modern industrial SPDs use housings that are superior to anything that is generally used in lower level applications, and can withstand far greater surge levels while still not being damaged themselves.  The industrial level of surge protection offered by Raycap is unmatched by any competitor, and is the highest protection level available.  Contact a representative for details.