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Industrial Surge Protection

Industrial Surge Protection is one of the single most important elements that needs consideration on every industrial application involving sensitive equipment, computers or data processing.  In the modern age, there is a significant amount of automation of nearly all operations on an industrial scale, assuring the ability to stay online during specified times, oftentimes 24 hours a day.  The majority of industrial applications have various characteristics in common across nearly every industry, generally utilizing a large amount of electricity.  The supply lines to the installation will have capacities far beyond those serving residences, and the probability of transients coming across those lines from the grid or lightning strikes is quite high.  The sheer expense of the machinery that is connected to these lines is reason alone for installation of surge protection devices, but when factoring in the potential for human life loss or outages, the choice to deploy electrical surge protection becomes clear.

Raycap supplies the components that are necessary to create a robust surge protection system for industrial applications.  Utilizing exclusive technology that has taken years to develop, Raycap technology is superior for numerous reasons, the most obvious is its ability to sustain multiple instances of transients without the need for replacement or resetting.  In many instances, the height of structures combined with their remote placement in proximity to other structures makes them prime targets for lightning strikes.  While many surge protection products have the ability to withstand a single strike and do their job, they are generally put offline or destroyed by the instance, leaving the equipment needing protection once again vulnerable during inclement weather.  The possibility of subsequent lighting strikes is high, with all of the same elements in play as before the protection was taken offline, up until the time when the unit can be reset or replaced.  Raycap’s Strikesorb surge protective devices do not need to be reset in order to continue functioning in a protection capacity, there is no post strike vulnerability or need for maintenance.

Electrical switching errors also bring with them the necessity for protection.  With each time equipment is turned on or off comes a potential surge, these small boosts in electrical flow degrading the circuitry of computers and data processors over time.  Although they are not as noticeable as the damage caused by a lightning strike surge, the ongoing degradation of circuit boards shortens the viable lifespans of equipment over time, costing company’s money.  The ongoing monitoring of electrical flow for even minor transients protects a company’s investments and extends the useful life of all of its sensitive components.

Contact Raycap today to inquire about our products which lead the field in industrial surge protection.  Our product line is available for both new installations as well as retrofitting of existing installations.  Our technicians can assist you in the planning and installation of a system that will protect your investments, keep your customers happy, and save your company money.