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Industrial Surge Protection Components

Industrial surge protection has become an industry that is necessary in order to create extend equipment life and conserve capital.  All businesses face similar challenges related to cash flow, and no industry is immune to the pressures that are associated with costs of doing business vs income.  As a result of these pressures, of the business of risk management has become huge business of  validating methods to keeping costs down while providing service to customers. These analysis generally involve extending the lifespan of industrial equipment in any way possible.  The expected replacement schedules of industrial equipment take into consideration wear from regular use, as well as a certain amount of expected natural occurrences which result in the need for replacement or repair.  It is here that industrial surge protection systems can be so beneficial to companies.

While there are many different types of industrial applications and configurations of equipment, most share a similar suite of characteristics that make surge protection systems so crucial.  First and foremost, the majority of industrial sites are controlled by computers and data processors that maintain functionality and keep the product or service being produced online.  Customers have become quite intolerant to outages in service, and have many options at their disposal to choose from in the same space.  This means that uptime is no longer a debatable consideration, and instead is a necessity 100% of the time.  With any outage comes customer and profit losses, and few businesses are able to withstand ongoing losses to their customer base.  The computerized systems that control the uptime of any industrial site are quite fragile, and their circuitry can be degraded and destroyed through even modest electrical surges.  Each second that a site is offline results in customer retention issues, and as a result the prevention of the surge is the single best method to combat the subsequent losses.  Even resetting of surge protection equipment after triggering is problematic due to the vulnerability presented in between resets and the manpower it takes to perform the action.  Industrial surge protection components are the best method of surge prevention, and Raycap Strikesorb products are some of the few components on the market able to withstand multiple instances without the need for replacement or resetting.

Equipment repair or replacement is the other crucial aspect to the discussion of appropriate surge protection.  Natural proximities to open areas as well as the physical structures involved in industrial applications can make them natural targets for lightning strikes.  These strikes produce high level surges which will generally destroy nearly everything that they are allowed to contact, resulting in the need to repair or replace sensitive equipment on a regular basis in most cases.  The installation of surge suppression components from Raycap will prevent most types of damage related to lightning strike surges, direct and coupled.  Raycap components prevent the surge from ever coming into contact with the circuitry that drives the industrial installation, so even if a strike to a wind turbine, cell tower or even a building should occur, it will be suppressed before contacting the more expensive equipment inside, like processors and computers.  Completely preventing surges is nearly impossible, but minimizing the damage they produce is entirely within reason.  Contact Raycap today.