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Street Cabinet Solutions From Raycap

Street cabinets” is a phrase describing a type of enclosure known in the telecommunications industry as an “outdoor active cabinet.”  These industry specific power cabinets are designed with the problematic aspects of the telecommunications industry in mind, where critical broadband equipment and network components are often situated in exposed areas.  In transmission networks, there is a significant investment necessary in power and fiber equipment, nearly all of which is both extremely expensive and easily damaged.  The positioning of this equipment in exposed areas is necessary and quite problematic, as damage can be sustained from a wide variety of sources ranging from lightning strikes to rodents seeking nesting opportunities.  Since the best defense against ongoing damage is a good defense, Raycap manufactures street cabinets in a variety of configurations and sizes.

In the potentially severe environmental conditions that will continually effect these enclosures, the attention to industry specific detail needs becomes crucial.  Cabinets are constructed of high grade aluminum to avoid electrical surge complications from direct or indirect lightning strikes.  The materials are robust enough to last for years while maintaining external protection without compromise.  The integrated backup batteries and other power system damage prevention measures provide ongoing insurances of network accessibility for customers.  All cabinets are constructed with cable management systems comprised of cable ducts and brackets for power, optical and copper cables as well as additional solutions for acoustic management.  Ongoing internal monitoring and management systems continually regulate fan speeds and adjust cooling solutions, as well as monitor cabinet temperatures.  Alarm and temperature control systems keep equipment running within specified temperature ranges, providing timed options to adjust the internal cabinet temperature throughout the day depending on weather conditions.  The fans and cooling systems are kept quiet through acoustical dampening measures if the cabinets are placed in public areas.

Raycap’s outdoor active cabinets are the best line of defense available to the telecom industry for preventing damage to critical components from a wide variety of sources.  Moisture penetration is prevented through air transfer systems being adequately sealed, however if the cabinet is breached by rodent infestation these seals no longer provide adequate protection.  For this reason, integrated alarm systems as well as preventative measures installed around target points that would be sought out by animals attempting to find nesting areas are part of every cabinet build.  Keeping equipment safe is the number one priority, and doing so in a way that ensures maintenance free and robust constructions is our specialty.

Raycap is a world leader in protection equipment for industries that utilize high tech equipment in vulnerable positions, and has spent years developing the most innovative solutions for a wide variety of industries.  Whether we are called upon to protect an investment from circuitry damage as a result of electrical transients or to stop rats from chewing the insulation off attached cables, we are continually developing both technological and non-technological solutions to better serve our customers.  Contact our representatives today to find out more about how Raycap can serve you.