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Street Cabinets And The Protection Of Critical Components

Street Cabinets And The Protection Of Critical Components

Within the telecommunications industry, an issue that is continually being addressed with improvements is the protection of field equipment.  There is a necessity for the placement of significant amounts of high tech equipment within settings that are exposed to potential harm and damage.  Both natural and un-natural damage is a risk to exposed equipment, which can be vandalized as easily as being destroyed by weather.  In order to provide the greatest level of protection available, the “street cabinet” or “outdoor active cabinet” was developed.  These aluminum enclosures are designed to provide the maximum amount of protection available while at the same time allowing for ventilation in order to prevent internal overheating issues.  These enclosures are constructed of aluminum alloys, reducing the possibility for corrosion while also reducing electrical conductivity, creating a balance between strength and critical limitations of materials.  In addition to strength and security, street cabinets are also modular and are able to be designed and configured for any number of customer needs.

Inside the street cabinets that are produced by Raycap are cable management systems that will not only organize and protect the cabling, but also allow for future expansion if necessary.  Cable guides are constructed with UL specifications in mind, and are resistant to LSZH and ozone cracking.  Sealing methods also see a high attention to detail, as potential penetration points into the cabinet by rodents and moisture can create severe issues with the performance of the equipment inside the street cabinet. Cables are often targeted by rodents in search of not only secure and warm environments, but also nesting materials.  Holes are chewed at weak spots and when this happens the entire cabinet is compromised by not only the rodent itself but also by moisture penetration through the new hole.  The specialized grommets, cable glands and configurable splitting high density foam blocks used in our manufacturing processes ensure the toughest seals available on the market against this type of damage.

A street cabinet manufactured by a company specialized in both protection against the elements as well as protection of electrical components makes complete sense.  The same attention that is placed on the manufacture of shielding components in our surge protection devices is involved in the construction of our field cabinets, assuring the highest level of protection of your critical equipment from the spectrum of potential damage.  Our technologies protect your equipment from everything ranging from the magnitude of a massive lightning strike and electrical surge to a simple rat at street level.

Telecommunications is a difficult business, with mounting pressures from customers to reduce prices while still improving the quality of service. The ability to tighten operations can come down to even the most minuscule details.  Adding even a few days to the expected life span of equipment can be the difference between survival and elimination over time and in the end the company with the most protection for its components may prove to be the winner.  Raycap provides the edge you have been looking for, and is continually working to find new ways to keep your investment safe.