RF Protection From Raycap

RF Protection From Raycap

RF Protection is an industry term that describes surge protective devices that are installed with the task of shielding radio frequencies. This type of technology is generally integrated into and near telecommunications equipment in order to protect RF and coaxial data or signal lines.  Raycap’s concentration within this space is the design of products that will assist service for areas where RF equipment must remain up and working, protecting against surges and spikes that will result in damage to communications equipment.  While the vulnerability of power lines to electrical surges is well known, less widespread is the understanding that data and communications lines are equally susceptible.  Lightning strikes to connected data lines can just as easily knock out communications capabilities between components as well as networks, as well as potentially destroy data storage components, leading to massive losses of stored data.

The technology that has been developed by Raycap to provide cellular surge protection for RF equipment protects against electromagnetic pulses and electrical surge transients.  Strikes can produce a steep rise in electric fields within micro-seconds, generating extremely high voltage pulses to antennas and to other unprotected equipment.  These events produce not only physical damage, but will also damage customer satisfaction, an element that is critical to the modern telecommunications business.  Outages and disruptions create unhappy customers that switch networks, and they do not care about the reasons for the disruptions.  The fallout from a lightning strike to power lines, data lines or directly to equipment itself can result in massive losses in the form of equipment replacement costs, but also customer revenue.

Raycap specializes in electrical protection in the telecommunications field.  Even a single lightning strike to an unprotected system can cause losses that will put a strain on a business, making the protection of communications systems paramount.  For this reason, Raycap has developed specialized products that are integrated at critical points within the system in a redundant manner, ensuring that no strike will produce the levels of damage or prolonged outage that would be seen if other methods are trusted.  Quite simply, Raycap manufactures the world’s most technologically advanced and physically robust surge protection and connectivity devices available to the telecommunications market  in order to  keep communications systems in place and functioning.  Raycap takes this effort so seriously because we understand that not only your business is relying on us, but also your customers.  A lack of connectivity during emergency situations can be the difference between life and death, and because of this we understand that it is not just a cellular phone in your customer’s hand, but a tool that can make all of the difference in a critical situation.  We are constantly researching ways to improve our SPDs even further, and push the connectivity level to as close to 100% as possible.  We strive to make your business better for both you and your customers, and promise to provide the best protection on the market both now and in the future.

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