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RF Protection

RF Protection

RF Protection is an industry term to describe protective devices that are installed in order to shield radio frequencies, and are typically involved in modern base station transceiver equipment. In most cases the application involves protection RF and Coaxial data lines, which can be severely impacted by lightning strikes and the associated transient that follows. The area of concentration with regards to RF protection at Raycap involves the design of protective devices which can influence the experience of uninterrupted service within enclosed areas. Raycap designs and manufactures products which protect against the surges and spikes which can produce data failures and outages through the destruction of communication boards. Ongoing, unfettered communication within specific areas of service is our goal.

Data and communication lines are as susceptible to electrical surges produced by lightning strikes and associated events as standard power lines. The fact that data lines are designed to carry less electrical current than a typical power line, combined with the fact that data lines are nearly always directly connected to devices that are necessary for the ongoing operations of business or communications, increases the need for protection. Within the RF spectrum, a single lightning strike to the connected lines can easily knock out crucial communication capabilities of networks, as well as destroying the data storage components which are housed in equipment connected to the lines. Raycap offers several solutions designed to provide protection against this kind of damage, each individually designed for the specific application.

Raycap’s cellular surge protection offerings not only protect against transients but also against EMP (electromagnetic pulses) which are also caused by lightning. Strikes directly to lines or nearby have the ability to produce a steep rise in electric fields, only micro-seconds after the strike happens. The fields that are produced generate extremely high voltage pulses which can travel through any transmission line or unprotected antenna leading to the primary communication equipment. The damage to equipment and the customer satisfaction losses that occur after outages routinely impacts the expenses incurred by the company, and protective measures can improve not only bottom line but also customer retention rates.

Maintaining a happy customer base will generally involve two major elements, the ability to connect to a network and maintain that connection as long as possible, and the strength and clarity of the signal. Within the enclosed public areas where radio frequency equipment provides this service to customers, the failure to take protective steps which will ensure their network availability can create situations where equipment is not only damaged and will need replacing, but also where crucial data is lost. Coupled with the unsatisfactory customer experience of an inability to receive a strong signal can spell disaster for providers of these types of services.

Contact Raycap’s associates in order to find out more regarding the specific technologies that Raycap utilizes in order to provide the necessary protections that will keep your RF networks, your datalines and your communication systems fully operational at all times.