FTTA PTTA Solutions

FTTA PTTA Solutions

Raycap is well known globally as a manufacturer of surge protection devices for numerous industries, including the highly specialized telecommunications industry.  Within this specialization is RRH protection (remote radio head) which is essentially the exposed equipment that is housed atop cellular towers and other structures, designed to communicate with the base band unit (BBU) network in order to provide connectivity for individuals within range of that network.  This equipment has been recognized as being vulnerable to damage from a number of weather-related sources, most importantly lightning strikes to the tower or structure.  These strikes create immediate damage at the strike point, but also bring with them surge oriented damage to equipment that is in the vicinity of the strike.  Strikes to the structure are often times coupled into power and communications lines which connect the RRH and BBU, as well as associated equipment midstream.  The lightning surge event that transpires is nearly always of a great enough magnitude to destroy circuitry in all components, and is only able for equipment to be protected by the integration of industrial surge protection devices at critical points.  Using Raycap’s unique Class 1 MOV surge protection technology in the FTTA (Fibre to the antenna) and PTTA (Power to the antenna) connectivity architectures, DC power is effectively protected against lightning surges and fiber-optic cable is better distributed at distributed base station (DBS) or RRH architectures.

Raycap is recognized by the entire telecommunications market as a provider of superior industrial surge protection devices. As this market continues to become more and more specialized with fewer players and greater customer demands, Raycap is continually called upon to prepare solutions that extend equipment life and service continuity.  Within the industry, margins are being squeezed tighter and tighter, and operators are asked by customers to provide faster data speeds, extended coverage, more powerful networks and less lag time all at prices that are continually challenged by competition.  Customers want more value and to pay less for it, and many operators are finding that the only places that reductions and cuts can be made and prices reduced is through mitigation of operating expenses (OPEX) and extension of the expected life spans of the equipment in the field.  With each day that a piece of equipment can be used to provide service over and above the equipment’s projected life span, operators can effectively reduce their operating costs and pass that savings off to customers in the form of lower or maintained monthly charges.  The points in the system that are typically the most prone to damage are well known, bringing the protection of that equipment at those points squarely into the discussion as the way to remain competitive.  The company with the best network, the most reliable service and the best prices will be determined by the system that can provide that service for the most extended time without repair and replacement.  This is where integration of Raycap’s technology is critical, providing the most advanced system protection available and therefore leveraging everything that is technologically possible at the present time.  Contact Raycap for more information on RRH, FTTA and PTTA protection and connection solutions today.

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