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RRH Surge Protection

Raycap is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of cable connectivity and lighting surge protection solutions for use in remote radio head (RRH) architectures. Raycap solutions are specifically designed to protect the sensitive radio equipment at the tower tops, as well as the equipment inside the ground shelters at a distributed base station (or RRH) architecture. The RRH architecture (also known as Fiber To The Antenna or FTTA solutions) is key to the development of next generation wireless networks and satisfies the industry’s need for increased capacity, advanced service offerings, and energy efficiency. This innovative architecture moves the active transmission equipment closer to the base station antennas, connecting them through fiber optic and DC power cables to the Base Band Units (BBU) which are typically located close to the DC power at the site.

Raycap offers a full complement of integrated Remote Radio Head (RRH) surge protection and connectivity solutions to enable and protect RRH architectures. These include field upgradable enclosures in a variety of sizes and capacities, cable solutions, mounting systems, connectivity solutions, as well as Strikesorb®, the ultimate lightning & surge protection for the exposed RRHs. Raycap’s connectivity and power protection solutions feature optional maintenance-free Strikesorb surge protection, engineered for use in RRH architectures to protect equipment from incoming lightning currents. Worldwide, Raycap’s solutions for RRH networks have been installed at more than 250,000 wireless sites.

The next generation 5G/LTE networks, as well as 2G, 3G & 4G networks, are dependent upon distributed telecommunications architectures, which are the focus of Raycap’s RRH surge protection and cable connectivity solutions. By providing the ultimate protection to mission-critical components at hard-to-reach locations, network assets are less vulnerable to damage from direct strikes and surge events produced by direct and coupled lightning strikes. Through mitigation of damages to the critical components, cellular carriers have the ability to lower their operational expenses through the reduction of the expected replacement rates for damaged equipment, as well as maintain a more consistent and continual uptime rate for customers.  Through ongoing and continual cell site surge protection on mobile networks, Raycap’s systems are able to assist carriers in building their businesses more efficiently and effectively, all the while maintaining better network uptime and reliability.

Raycap draws its expertise from RRH and FTTA/PTTA projects done with some of the largest mobile operators in the world. The company can leverage unprecedented expertise both at the design phase and throughout the life-cycle of the infrastructure and knows the key drivers of a successful FTTA/PTTA network roll-out. Raycap offers a combination of field-proven products to support any site scenario. Customization of existing products or fully custom new product development is available, depending upon an operator’s needs. Strikesorb systems are safer and far superior to conventional protection technologies for mission-critical architectures such as RRH and are the preferred protection device chosen by the largest mobile carriers and providers worldwide.