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Small Cell 5G Concealment

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One of the most difficult aspects to deal with in terms of technological advancement is the adaption of a new technology into the everyday life of citizens without disrupting encumbrance. While most people are all for the creation of advanced solutions to modern problems for the betterment of all, they will begin to balk once they notice the environment that they have grown used to being in becoming changed by that advancement. For example, there will rarely be an argument against the installation of a highway to alleviate congestion and traffic in cities. This support will be almost without opposition until that highway is going to be built within the visual view of citizens of a region. Once they realize that this advancement is going to possibly change the life they have grown used to, they will feel more negatively about it.

The adoption of 5G technology in urban areas faces the same types of challenges, with people generally desiring faster connection speeds and downloads via their cellular devices until they realize that new equipment must be installed to get it. They want 5G to come to their area until they begin to be exposed to the large amounts of new infrastructure that will be involved in the process, and must be mounted near street level and highly visible. The 5G mmWave is especially complicated because these signals while able to travel far faster than previous generations, also do not travel as far. This means that small cell installations featuring 5G mmWave must be within about one-tenth of a mile of one another to provide adequate coverage without dropping signals. These systems also must be mounted closer to the ground to allow connectivity to devices in that area. This ultimately forces people to either understand and accept that the visual landscape of their city will be changed to make way for technological advancement, or reject 5G.

This is where Raycap and its STEALTH concealment product line technology comes into play,  finding innovative new methods of concealing 5G equipment, even when it is close to the ground. Through the use of advanced materials like its unique InvisiWave® material, which allows for 5G mmWaves to pass through most effectively and thus prevent degradation through the use of concealment, Raycap is leading the way towards the integration of 5G in a cityscape in unobtrusive ways. By developing a methodology where the standardization of installation can lead to a rollout of 5G small cell sites being integrated into already existing fixtures such as street light poles, the development of a 5G small cell network within “smart cities” does not have to be unsightly.

Each installation in each city can be different, using concealed and partially concealed small cell poles, toppers, and shrouds installations within existing and new structures can effectively house the 5G equipment. A rooftop could be used in one position internalizing the radios, antennas, and equipment, while a few blocks away a shroud mounted on the side of a building might be the next node in the network, followed by a series of small cell poles. Operators are getting very creative in how they position nodes in the network to conceal and maintain the aesthetic look of a particular city or area of a city. Through innovations in both materials and design, Raycap and its integration partners are creating new ways for the smart city to perform well while also retaining its unique beauty.