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Creating An Easy 5G Rollout

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5G mmWave small cell installations are a challenge for operators who face pressures from both city planners and the public with regard to equipment placement and aesthetics. The understanding that 5G networks must utilize more equipment packed into more dense spaces to provide full functionality without dead regions is being pushed back by those who wish to keep their cityscapes looking as they did in the past. All progress in the technological arena involves equipment, and without that equipment mounted and positioned as necessary, the technological forward motion cannot happen. There must be a balance between the technology and the living spaces of human beings to create a pleasant environment, and the modern “smart city” is designed to be more functional than ever while also hiding the necessary equipment from public view to maintain the look and feel of the region. Few people want to live in an area that is overly dominated by industrial equipment, so 5G rollouts have been punctuated by the need to also create concealment possibilities that are technologically advanced as well as pleasing. With 5G mmWave small cell network nodes needing to be positioned at or just above street level in many cases, and within one-tenth of a mile of each other, this challenge increases significantly.

The effort to move forward on approvals and installations while still moving toward online connectivity is being tackled by Raycap, a company that develops innovative concealment solutions that are both flexible and technologically advanced. Through a multitude of concealment types ranging from partially concealed to fully concealed, Raycap is using innovation to speed the process of 5G rollout unobtrusively. Just a few of these innovations are seen in the use of its InvisiWave® concealment technology, new integrated poles and side-mounted enclosures, rooftop solutions, and additional elements like AC disconnects featuring Strikesorb surge protection designed to ease installations and ongoing maintenance. InvisiWave technology enables the concealment of 5G mmWave radios and antennae with a material that does not hinder or degrade the performance of the 5G signal.

Through the development of streamlined and uniform mounting arrangements that can be used on small cell poles or pole-mounted enclosures, the installation of 5G equipment within densely packed urban areas at street level is easy with almost no visual impact on the appeal of the region. Where poles cannot provide the installation needed then rooftop solutions, externally mounted building enclosures and a myriad of other methods of concealing equipment can be used. It is possible to utilize artistic measures to mimic colors, textures, and visual elements to provide a visual blending into a background. Using additional elements like AC quick disconnect systems, equipment installations can also be updated and worked on by utility maintenance workers in a far less risky way, enabling the cutoff of power to the installation quickly and easily. Through these types of innovations in concealment and electrical protection and access, Raycap is leading the way towards faster and more simplified 5G rollouts within nearly any city environment, giving 5G mmWave networks the ability to improve the lives of citizens without negatively impacting them.