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3 Featured Articles on Tips and Technologies for Deploying 5G Sites

It’s hard to believe 2021 is half over! Put these three top articles from the first half of this year on top of your summer reading list. That way, you can be up to speed on some of the latest technologies and techniques for deploying 5G services.

5G Deployments Demand Improved Small Cell Camouflage

With small cell sites destined for virtually every city block, how can antennas remain tastefully concealed without interfering with wireless signals? AGL Senior Editor J. Sharpe Smith interviews Apostolis Sotiriou, Raycap’s assistant VP of sales, for answers on how to co-locate sites on street poles and street furniture in public right of ways—in particular, using the Raycap InvisiWave® material that can completely conceal 5G mmWave deployments with minimal signal loss. 

Raycap Realizes Proactivity Pays Off in the World of Wireless Infrastructure

Building out new wireless networks such as 5G requires balancing perspectives among carriers, counties and utilities. Concealed poles in particular have to satisfy municipality size requirements, structural capacity, space needed for technology, thermal performance and design parameters. Trey Nemeth, Raycap’s SVP, Small Cell & R/D, shares recent learnings and case studies in this interview with Inside Towers.

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Raycap Combination Meter, Disconnect Streamlines 5G Small Cell Installations

AGL contributing editor Mike Harrington covers Raycap’s innovative combination power meter and AC disconnect product that streamlines 5G deployments, enhances reliability, and improves the appearance of small cell sites by integrating the power connection, meter, AC disconnect, surge protection, and load center into one enclosure.