Protection From Lightning With SPDs

Protection From Lightning With SPDs

Many people may have never heard the term “SPD.” This is industry jargon for “surge protection device” and is used as a method to describe anything that has the ability to prevent excessive amounts of electricity from getting from one place to another if necessary.  Generally they are used as a failsafe to guard against the unexpected increase of current through power lines as a result of some incident like a lightning strike or internal switching error.  These unexpected fluctuations in the amount of electricity flowing through lines can damage circuitry in any component that is connected to that power source, with the issue being compounded in situations where components are interconnected and thus have the ability for the surge to flow from one component to the next.  In this type of incident, there is a possibility of the loss of entire systems, resulting in potentially millions of dollars of damage as well as lost business.  For these reasons, those with significant investments in equipment that can be damaged by this type of situation will generally seek out the best industrial SPDs available for their type of integration. 

Industrial surge protection devices are different from residential or non-commercial devices in that they are able protect against far larger surges.  These devices need to be constructed of materials that are far more robust, as the devices themselves are many times exposed to industrial locations, weather and other factors.  Because these devices are relied upon to protect systems that are far more expensive than a typical home computer as well as being exposed to the elements themselves, industrial surge protection devices are designed to be some of the most technologically advanced components on earth.  Simply put, they must continue to function at all costs and at all times, and even the smallest moment of failure to perform their duty can result in huge monetary losses, as well as potentially the loss of life from resulting explosions and fires if they don’t perform their jobs.  When the risk level is this high, only the best will do.

Raycap is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial surge protection devices that can be used in a wide range of capacities and applications.  Touching nearly every industry from the cellular networks that provide communications to hundreds of millions of people worldwide to the manufacture and distribution of electricity that powers homes and businesses every day, Raycap devices are the silent partners of these services, standing guard against that accidental surge or split second lightning strike that can cripple functionality and knock out critical communications when they are needed most.  Raycap takes this responsibility seriously, and as a result strives to provide the industry leading devices and the most up-to-date technology available.  Raycap not only manufactures the best SPDs, the company creates the technology that will be integrated into the next generation of SPDs.  When there is no compromising in the protection of mission-critical equipment, Raycap is the company that serious businesses’ rely upon.

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