The Finest Industrial Surge Protective Devices

The Finest Industrial Surge Protective Devices

Raycap is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial surge protective devices.  Our specialization in the space has lead to numerous industry leading products which can be integrated into nearly any industrial application, and which are being utilized across the globe by industry leaders in a wide range of businesses.  Our premier SPD is the Strikesorb line, which features a patented technology that makes it superior to all competitors. Robust housings, advanced materials and maintenance free operation throughout the lifetime of the devices make them the logical choice for mission-critical assets in need of protection from lightning and grid-side power surges.

Industrial surge protection is a serious business, and a single instance of failure can result in not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost equipment and data, but also network and communications outages that can endanger users as well as causing extreme inconvenience.  Many industries rely upon uptime in order to maintain their customer bases, and even slight interruptions may have a negative impact on retention.  Customers are not forgiving as to the causes of network interruptions and outages, and instead will quickly grow irritated with service outages resulting in the consideration of rival networks.  This can result in lost revenue that is not easily regained.  A small amount of unhappy customers can cause serious negative impact on a business’ reputation, which is why keeping service flowing must be the number one priority of so many industries.  For this reason, the choice of SPD translates far beyond the saving of equipment from damage, and actually can be seen as preserving brand reputation damage as well.  While the exact dollar figures with regard to this less tangible damage are difficult to calculate, they must be factored into the savings that Raycap devices can provide.  In industries where ongoing service is key to profitability, risking the use of anything less than the best is not wise.

Raycap devices are integrated throughout an equipment site at critical junctures across which power flows from device to device.  If a lightning strike or a power surge is able to increase the flow of electricity above critical and manageable levels, this flow of electricity can potentially cause damage to every bit of equipment connected directly to the line, and also can threaten equipment not directly connected, if an explosion or fire takes place as a result of the surge.  Raycap SPDs are installed along the power and communication lines as well as at junction boxes and other strategic points.  When used in a redundant setup and combined with other traditional shielding mechanisms, a nearly unbreakable wall of protection is formed around your sensitive components, protecting them as well as anything connected to them from damage.  Raycap devices will also allow for longer uptimes due to there being no need for the device to be replaced after it has been activated.  Multiple strike or surge events are no longer a danger, as the devices remain functional at all times.  Contact Raycap today to learn more about investment protection and our industrial surge protection products.

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