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Protect Your Investments With Industrial Surge Protection

Protect Your Investments With Industrial Surge Protection

Nearly any industry that relies upon sensitive computerized equipment will benefit from surge protection.  In residences, homeowners or renters can lower their risk of loss due to power surges by installing surge protection inside the building connected to the items needing protection, or have a certified electrical contractor install a whole house advanced surge protection device where the power enters the home that will help protect everything in the home from damage that can be caused by an electrical storm.  Levels of risk for businesses are significantly higher because of the millions of dollars’ worth of control and communications equipment that may be exposed to power surges due to an electrical storm.  This is why serious businesses, especially those in lightning prone areas, choose to protect their investments with the best industrial surge protection devices.  When a single power surge can literally cost tens of thousands of dollars, it is better to overcompensate than to find out the hard way that your equipment was under-protected.

Many industries also rely upon their services remaining continually available to their customers twenty four hours a day. The telecommunications industry for example is extremely sensitive to how service outages correlate to customer dissatisfaction or loss.  With every customer who is unsatisfied with service and not able to get a signal on their phone due to a cellular tower being damaged after being struck by lightning, losses are sure to follow. And, while a perfect system that provides 100% uptime is nearly impossible, being able to avoid the damage to sophisticated tower or roof top cellular equipment by integrating sophisticated surge protection equipment is an excellent line of defense. Cell towers are vulnerable to lightning strike damage due to their very makeup and position as the tallest structure in an often unobstructed area. Preparing for the inevitable lightning strike and power surge is an excellent method of ensuring uptime at the site. The integration of Raycap’s advanced surge protection solutions at the tower, rooftop and base station will eliminate any damage costs that might be caused by a lightning surge. The Raycap systems take the lightning surge, shunt it to ground, then go back online to protect the equipment for another time.

Other industries that rely heavily on industrial surge protection are the alternative energy producers who must position equipment in exposed areas in the same way that the telecom industry does.  Wind turbines and solar panels must be unobstructed in order to be effective, making them prime targets for lightning strikes and the resulting power surges.  The control equipment that is heavily involved in the manufacture and distribution of power using these methods is quite expensive and is also directly connected to the exposed windmills and solar panels by copper power lines which serve as conductors of the electrical surge directly to the equipment.  The inevitable strikes on or near an installation effectively sends surges along the power and signal connection lines, overwhelming the circuitry and causing permanent damage that results in system shutdowns.  When these types of systems are offline at the times when the fuel sources of sun and wind are available, it translates to losses that are difficult to quantify.  System uptime is critical, and as a result the investment in the most advanced and robust surge protection equipment makes sense.


If you are an industrial operator who would benefit from reduction of costs associated with power surges, lightning strikes or overloads, contact Raycap today. We are the present and future of the surge protection industry.