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Data Surge Protection

“Data surge protection” or “signal surge protection” is probably a phrase that most people in the public sphere have never heard. Even though it is pretty easy to figure out that it is the protection of data from the damage that can happen as a result of power surges, what that exactly means and how it works is a mystery to many. This is probably because power surge protection happens in the background and does not directly impact most people with any regularity. Most modern power grids are remarkably well designed and generally will see little to no fluctuation in power during a day to day period. Surge protection is all about that instance that is not planned for, however. It is about that specific time when something goes wrong, even though there has been no previous issue for a long time. When a power surge happens it is unexpected and almost instantaneous, and the damage that will occur if your equipment is unprotected is not something that can be reversed. Even worse than the loss of the equipment itself may be the data that was being stored on or within the device that was damaged. Anyone who has crashed a computer knows this pain. You trust that your files and data will always be there because they have always been there before. Then suddenly they are no longer there, and you are forced to start over. This can cause extreme difficulties for most people, and even bigger difficulties for companies that rely upon data just to function.

Think of a company the same way that you think of your phone. All of your contacts are on there. All of your saved files, pictures and music are on there. You use all of these things regularly to make your life easier and more convenient. Suddenly the battery overheats and destroys your phone, and all of these things are not able to be recovered. You now must begin the process of building these files back to the levels that made you able to function previously, and you will probably start thinking about ways to prevent this event from ever happening again. For a large company that is using the data that is stored on their computers for business in ways that will result in services and products being delivered to customers, the loss of data is catastrophic. The systems that they are relying upon will decide how well they can function within the competition of their area of business, and disruptions or loss of data can be a fatal blow if they are not backed up sufficiently. In addition, customers are rarely willing to accept that some form of accident caused them to be inconvenienced, and that they should just bear with the process. Customers expect the best service and products and are not willing to compromise, and losses of data on a company’s part is not going to do them any favors from a customer point of view. Surge protection equipment and devices, combined with redundant data backups to multiple systems that are not directly connected through power lines, is the only safe method of data protection. Is your company protected from data loss? Contact Raycap today.