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Keeping Green Energy Systems Online

Green energy is the future of energy production worldwide. There is basically no denying this fact because fossil fuel production methods rely on the burning of limited supply fuel sources, where green energy production does not. Any fuel source that is limited in supply will eventually run out, which ultimately puts any form of production that uses fuel sources that are not destroyed in place as better, no matter how it is perceived. Take this fact along with that green energy will eventually evolve to be cheaper than fossil fuels, and it is obvious that investment into green technology is a smart move. But how and why is the green energy technology market evolving and improving while the fossil fuel market is not? The answer lies in associated technologies like surge protection.

Because green energy production methods like sun and wind power rely upon fuel sources which are not destroyed in order to turn turbines, there is no cost associated with the acquisition of that fuel. Coal and oil cost money to mine, refine and collect. This means that the fixed costs of fossil fuel methods are going to involve an additional element that green technologies do not, the fuel source cost itself. The fixed costs of running the business and distributing the power to consumers are relatively the same across both business models, but currently it costs more to produce green forms of energy than fossil fuels. This is because the technologically advanced equipment involved in the green processes is expensive, and ultimately has the potential of being damaged in the field. Lightning strikes windmills and solar panels because they are the most ready target in an open space, lightning taking the path of least resistance to an object connected to the ground. The lightning strikes produce damage that must be repaired, but more importantly it produces a power surge that moves along the connection lines within the system. The power surge overwhelms computerized equipment, damaging it at the circuit level and requiring repair. Even worse, it will generally take the system offline so that it is not producing power during the times when the fuels sources (sun and wind) are available. This makes the systems less efficient than is optimal, and ultimately drives costs that must be paid by consumers up. By creating better protection systems to avoid these damages and offline times, and with advancements in battery storage technology, prices can be driven down past the point of fossil fuels.

The integration of more advanced surge protection devices, like the ones manufactured by Raycap can help green energy systems to vecome more cost-efficient. These devices are not only technologically superior to competitors; they also feature the ability to reset themselves after a surge event, returning to functionality. This enables system operators to restore full functionality quicker, and minimizes downtimes when power could be being generated. Combine this with the fact that repair costs are driven down further with each more advanced surge protection device installed, and you have the winning formula necessary to make green technology the way of the future.