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Commercial Surge Protection Devices

A commercial grade surge protection device is a component that is installed at critical junctions within an industrial space, along wires and cables that attach to equipment. Their single purpose is to stop electricity from flowing past them, and while this may be achieved using different types of technology, the concept that they function within is the same. The flow of electricity is unencumbered until it passes a specific level, at which point the surge protection device stops the flow completely. This may be done by creating a gap that the flow cannot jump, or potentially divert the flow to an area where it can dissipate safely. The main point is that the electrical flow cannot pass through them if it is not within the safe range. The reason this is necessary is that the power lines and cables that connect computerized equipment together can handle a greater flow of electricity than the equipment itself can. One may ask, “well by not make the cables and wires only able to handle the same amount that the equipment can, in order to protect it?” The answer is that rewiring an entire installation if the power lines were to burn up is far more difficult than resetting or replacing an AC surge protection device, or DC surge protection device. The surge protection devices themselves are designed to not only protect equipment but also to be able to be reset or replaced with less effort than redoing the installation itself. This enables systems to be restored to functionality in a fast and easy way, saving equipment costs and also minimizing downtimes.

The biggest technological innovation in surge protection to happen in many years was developed by Raycap, who produced a surge protection device technology that does not need to be reset, re-plugged or restored. Because the issue of downtime plagued industrial businesses, as well as the issue of a system being unprotected once a surge protection device was triggered, Raycap developed a specialized technology that does not need to be reset the way your breakers at home do once they have been triggered. This means that if there is an electrical surge that triggers the device, it activates to divert the flow of power to ground, yet remains functional in case there is another power surge. This issue is especially important in installations where there may have been a lightning strike, then another strike to the same facility. In the past, the surge protection devices may have protected from the first strike yet left the system vulnerable to the second. Raycap Strikesiorb devices also protect against the second, third or however many times lightning would strike or a surge would happen. Raycap devices are utilized in thousands of industrial applications as a result of their efficiency and also their superior levels of protection. Operators with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment at stake trust Raycap’s Strikesorb surge protection devices to make sure their systems are not damaged, and also are able to be restored to functionality in the shortest time frames possible.