Data Surge Protection 

Data Surge Protection 


One of the industry terms that is utilized in the surge protection niche that many people in the public have never heard of is “data surge protection.” The easiest way to describe the definition of this phrase is that it is the protection of data from power surges and the damage that can be produced by them.  Power surge protection is a mystery to many people because they do not interact with it daily, and is generally a function that happens in the background of ongoing operations.  This means that it has almost no impact on people on any kind on a regular basis, until some sort of incident happens that brings it into light.  Modern power grids are very well designed and for the most part will see only little fluctuation during a typical day, and usually as a result of a weather event..  Surge protection systems are  designed to intervene during the unplanned event that happens outside of system operations.  It is designed to come into play when something goes wrong even though there has probably been no instance outside of normal technical operations for lengthy period of time.  It is also designed to intervene in an unexpected instance almost instantaneously, as anything less would provide damage to any equipment downstream that is left unprotected.  The problem with damage that occurs as a result of power surges is that it is generally not isolated to simply damaging the equipment in the origination area.  Many times, the equipment is not only tasked with performing an operation but also with the storage of information that is critical to the ongoing operations themselves.  If you have ever had a computer crash that results in a loss of data you understand the implications of this failure go far beyond simply having to replace the computer itself.  Data is one of the most valuable commodities that must be protected within almost every type of business. 

The rebuilding of data after a loss can be a devastating process.  If you have ever suffered damage to your phone you will realize very quickly that not only are you unable to make calls until that phone is replaced, you are also unable to access your contact list until it is rebuilt.  You can purchase a new phone to replace your existing one, but this does not reinstate the contact list which ultimately made the functionality of calling your loved ones an easy process.  You will now need to dial each number physically and then go to the process of saving it to the contact list us to rebuild the speed with which you once processed this information in the past.  Until this entire process of repair of the equipment and the rebuilding of the data is completed, you will be feeling the residual impacts of the data loss on a daily basis.  Companies function the same way. They rely upon the data they have stored to streamline operations and in some instances perform the operations themselves.  Surge protection that can minimize the damage as a result of unintended fluctuations in power can minimize this damage significantly. 

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