Lightning Protectors To Maintain Profitability 

Lightning Protectors To Maintain Profitability 

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Maintaining a profit within a challenging industry is difficult.  As more players enter the market and are all vying for the same customers, a shrinking customer base must be offset by reduced costs if profitability is to be maintained.  This means that if each company is working with fewer customers, the costs associated with the product that is supplied to each customer must be reduced if profit margins are to be maintained.  This is accomplished in several ways, one of the most common in industrial spaces being the utilization of cheaper components or the extension of the lifespan of the equipment used in the process.  Within the cellular industry we can see this process playing out on both fronts.  Cellular towers must be able to maintain an unobstructed signal to the users on the ground.  This placement makes them highly endangered with regards to lightning strikes, as lightning is attracted to the tallest structures within range. Lightning takes the path of least resistance to the ground, ultimately meaning that it will strike the tallest structure which is connected to the ground in an attempt to flow through that structure to its final destination.  For this reason, lightning will generally strike the top of a cellular tower, and through the use of cheaper components to create the structure of the tower, companies are able to reduce the repair and maintenance costs as a result of the strike.  At the same time, companies utilize highly advanced lightning protectors in order to mitigate the damage that happens as a result of the power surge which follows the strike.  This power surge traveling through the structure will impact equipment located near the top, and travel along data transfer lines and power cables quite efficiently.  This means that power flows from components located near the top to components located in the center or at the bottom of the tower.  This creates additional damage that is farther away from the strike point. 

The damage as a result of the power surge can be mitigated through the use of lightning protection equipment installed along the pathways which power can flow as well as the cables and lines used to interconnect equipment.  These surge protection devices have the ability to stop the flow of power in its tracks, ultimately saving downstream equipment from being impacted by the surge.  This can isolate the damage that occurs as a result of lightning strikes more to the strike point, which salvages equipment located further away and extends its lifespan.  These types of measures allow for greater profitability to be associated with each user, because the same amount of service is provided at a lower cost to the company.  These damage mitigation efforts grow more effective every year as cheaper components are developed, alongside better surge protection devices.  The technological advancements within the surge protection industry can ultimately create higher levels of profitability within the cellular industry.  By creating better systems that can function for longer periods of time, the growing competition can be held at bay. 

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